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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mommy I Like Kodroi..

Sophea wearing dress with Cardigan
Sophea waring dress without cardigan

T3_0030 Dress Mothercare
Colour: Red
Material: Kodroi

Size that are available:
4-5T - 1pcs
5-6T - 1pcs
1-2T - 1pcs

RM59.90 including delivery

Good news!!!for sToriesfor3boys follower (blog)
You'll enjoy discount

RM47.90 including delivery (pen. M'sia only) 

Cardigan Putih yang di'match'kan dengan baju merah ...Code T3_0031

T3_0031_White/Black/Smashing Pink Cardigan Jasmine
Colour Available: White/Black/Smashing Pink
Material: Cotton

Size Available:2T
Size Available:4T
Size Available:6T
Size Available:8T
Size Available:10T
Size Available:12T
Size Available:14T
Size Available:16T

RM28 including delivery

Discount 10% for sToriesfor3boys follower (blog)


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